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QUELC, i m \ ■ Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 1^ Carpe Diem pertains to Clarion University as a whole from President Reinhard to the faculty to the students themselves We feel it is important to strive for the future but cherish the present day. ri, a member of pha Sigma Tau rority was spon- ged by Phi Sigma ppa.

Editor-in-Chief Fall of 1991 Elaine Rebick Editor-in-Chief Spring of 1992 Wendy Schaffner Photography Editors Fall of 1991 Skip Nygaard Scott Shoaf Photography Editor Spring of 1992 Lisa Mc Cartney Advisor Fall of 1991 Inez Baker Advisor Spring of 1992 Pat Marini Clarion University of Pennsylvania The Sequelle Volume 82 1991-1992 Clarion students... Jay was sponsored by Clarion liversity Student Senate, of which he is a member. Mike De Martinez and Lori look a little under the weather, but life gets better.

Pictured below is the Pirate Parrot entertaining children during the pa- rade. 8 Opening Band and Football Team, Opening 9 Clarion weather... In these seven ordinary buildings is where most of your questions are formed and later answered.

rain or shine you will always see Rain is a typical occurance at Clarion Univer- sity. Ferra Alan Gourley Mary Jo Goyak Anita Marie Graham Scott Matthew Graybill Scott C. Hilinski 32 Senior Janet Lynn Holshue Stacey Lee Hoppel John M. It's where friend- ships blissfully begin and tragically end. No amount of time spent in class or reading a book can equal what you learn between the walls of a dorm. Starting in Fall of 1992, Clarion University will have an experimental 24-hour visitation dorm at Nair Hall where you can have anyone you want visit whenever they want to, and in Wilkinson we'll be able to get cable in the rooms. I II « i«i , ll 'l ll H| ll n l| »y|[ | |(HL i m H Bad men live that they may eat and drink ^ Whereas good men eat and drink that they may live ^ Student Life 61 ^- "^ - - -^ i— r— _.

Pictured to the right, from left to right, are alumni: Wayne Norris, Earl Petrucci, and Nick Rebick. As the football players strive towards the goal, the band enthusiastically cheers them through each play. Laura Capp vacuums her dorm room and trys to make life in the dorm a little more pleasant. I don't know about you, but I have always and always will call it a 'dorm', (Downright Original Rooms of Madness).

These alumni are members of Alpha Gamma Phi fraternity and come back to Clarion each year to celebrate Clarion's homecoming. The band gets the crowd involved and provides half time entertainment for everyone. Clarion seizes the day on the field and in the stands. 1 guess what you call them isn't important, it's what happens within them that deserves to be noted.

do more than just Enjoying the infrequent good weather is a great way to spend the day. Neelan Skip Nygaard Melissa Owens Lisa Ann Paitz Christine L. Phillips Joseph Rainey Senior 3.: Deanna Rose Raulston Dorilee S. The queen's court included Kelly Brady, Dana Nelson, Nicole Davies, Alison Muck, Tricia Gerstel, Leigh Musser, Chrissie Feeney and Kelly Johnston. Seizing the day in the Autumn Leaf Parade Student Life 55 H a n g i n H a H a H a H a U n g i U n g i U n g i U n g i T ^i^:^\ ^ T n -J — A 1^ '^^ 56 Student Life Lisa Mc Cartney Student Life 57 LIVING THE DORM LIFE Lisa Mc Cartney Who says living in the dorms can't be a wet and wild experience?

The parade continued, al- though a few floats, people, cameras, chairs, and couches got drenched. Jamie 'dresses' for the occasion in a medieval costume to have his picture taken by the pho- tographers for FREE!! This year the reggae band SWAMP Band entertained the crowd with their own special sound as oth- ers were busy having their picture taken "antique style" over by Harvey.'■:i Trji-=&T(»t Sy5S3«^S-;5: Tjr^ ^^^^^ 28 Seniors College Of Communication, Computer Information Science, and Library Science Daniel Alemu Amy A. The SWAMP Band put on a fantastic show for a laid back, reggae-lovin' crowd. 62 Student Life You can join the Biology Club no matter how 'stuffy' you are. All the Greek organizations and extrtacurricular clubs and activities were on hand to explain their particu- lar interest to curious passerby.Students, faculty, visi- tors, alumni, and friends walked home from the ALF parade this year with um- brellas overhead. I guess they're trying to make up for being so far away from they new Gemmell Student Com- plex! ■^"1l1 Jnctivities L^ay Did you ever feel like you've been trans- ported through time.In spite of bad weather, it didn't ruin the weeks festivities and fun. These girls enjoyed one of the many activities offered on Activities Dav. Every year Activities Day intro- duces students to activities and orga- nizations available to them on cam- pus.

Whether it's between class, after class, or just to get out of your apartment or dorm for a while, seize the day and spend it outdoors. You can also find stu- dents at Clarion just goofing around, reliev- ing a little frustration or hanging out with friends. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing outdoors do it and take advantage of of the day. ALF festivities draw friends Clarion University of Pennsylvania celebrates homecoming each year as the final day of the Autumn Leaf Festival. Dizzy Gillespie 6 Opening entertains the crowd Opening 7 Clarion supports... Lisa, are you really studying or did someone pose you in this position to take the picture?The streets of Clarion become filled with alumni, students, friends, family, faculty and Clarion residents. the University's Marching The Golden Eagle Marching Band and the Clarion University Football team support one another throughout each and every game. -^M^ 58 Student Life Melissa Carai ^-|t ^ ^ m jm ^ m. M Melissa Caraway ing sick away from home really stinks, lesn't it, Patty? Sometimes it seems like even junk mail would be better than an empty mailbox.