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20-Jun-2015 03:46

I wish the conversation focused more on policy and leadership, but all we seem to be able to do is complain that we’re not being listened to. And to all those cynics saying it doesn’t matter – it does. Hell, I’m not even one of those people who thinks voting third party equals throwing away your vote. You need to speak up, even when people say it’s a waste. I have seen more people get involved in this election process than ever before.

And I think the reason this election has been so chaotically heated is because so many people feel they aren’t being heard. Seriously, I can barely walk a foot without someone complaining about the other candidate.

So many people with such strong opinions, many who’ve never thought about politics in their entire life. Because they feel like their voice doesn’t matter, and they’d rather just put on their headphones and not be there at all.

Tensions have been high, and the stakes feel even higher.

The ultimate fate of the country is in the balance, every passionate person screaming who is right and, what seems more important, who is wrong.

I only have one request today, on the day of reckoning: The President of the United States should represent the will of the people and it seems as if this, more than any other recent election, really demonstrates how necessary it is to listen to the people and gauge their temperature – which appears to be at a fever pitch at this point.

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