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Deme la cuenta, por favor -- give me the check please calle -- street plaza -- square mapa de carreteras -- road map (Necessito un mapa de carreteras -- I need a road map! Here follow a few words or phrases you will only hear on the island.

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Directing this word at somebody else is another story: use it at your own risk because in Puerto Rico, (unlike neighboring Mexico) it has an unfriendly meaning where your spouse might be cheating on you and you are a lesser person for it.(You can say it, but you might be missing teeth later as you have wounded someone's pride and honor.) Pa' lla--contraction of para alla ( meaning: over there) Pa'ca--contraction of para aca (meaning: over here.) ¡Carajo! (Corruption of the name Charles LINDBERGH.) 'Mano-roughly means "dude" if used to address someone. If you are a lady and the drunk guy in the pub is saying he wants to do this to you to his friend SLAP HIM. If directed at you, you have angered somebody mightily. limber--a treat made of frozen juice or coconut milk.