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29-Oct-2016 08:06

Anyone else having this issue and have ways to solve the problem?

Change User Account Control Settings then pop the slider to the top?

The guide for Windows Media Center is not updating.

When I go in and manually download the guide listings, Media Center says the download was successful.

Then shut down Origin and restart it, and see if you get any notifications?

Approve any requests and hopefully this will resolve the issue.

Hi thank you yahel The current Origin version for me is - 380888I check the "update to the beta version when avaiable" and restart Origin. It seems everything "origin download" related is not working for me. Always showing "queued" when i click to start download and select direction folder.

If this has no effect, please try clearing the cache using the steps below. Ensure Origin is fully closed by clicking the Origin Menu and selecting Exit.2.

Navigate to the Origin subfolder located within C:\Program Data· Note: This folder is hidden by default, you will need to un-hide it first.3. only thing I noticed is that the language is set back to default, but it still doesn't work. FYI, I have enough space on my origin game drive and the system drive has more than 7G avaiable.