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11-May-2016 23:51

Popular get-out-of-debt community forums, online since 2004.It helps people with practical advice, individual guidance, articles, tools and tips on all aspects of regaining financial health. A peer-to-peer online lending marketplace, in business since 2008.In simple terms, it's any method that helps you to find some reduction in the amount of debt you have, in the amount you must pay monthly, or in the overall cost of repaying the outstanding amount, such as a reduction in interest rates.

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Provides debt consolidation loans through which the client can consolidate his unpaid loans and make a single fixed monthly payment with a lower interest rate.

A non-profit credit counseling agency, established in 1996.

In fact, if you make only the required minimum payments on your credit cards, it could take a decade or longer to repay the money you owe.

In the process, the interest builds, leading to double or more of your original total. That is where legitimate, reliable, BBB accredited companies and organizations that provide comprehensive debt relief solutions can step in and deliver substantial help.

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Using a reputable service with a good track record can be a practical first step towards recovery and financial health. A nonprofit credit counseling agency that helps consumers to regain financial stability, control and security.Provides counseling, debt management programs (DMP), financial educational resources and free debt consultation by a certified credit counselor.