Consolidating sales organizations

12-Dec-2015 13:54

Synopsis determined it would need to increase headcount in IT by 60% if it wanted to support a different CRM system, Bhutkar said.Additionally, SAP's investment in its CRM application, "one of the biggest in the industry," Bhuktar said, convinced Synopsis that if it undertook a large implementation SAP could handle the scale.But not all organizations do need to consolidate CRM systems, according to experts. a maker of electronic design automation (EDA) technology for developing systems on chips.It grew its revenue from 0 million to billion by acquiring more than 40 EDA companies in roughly 10 years, and with it came 17 different legacy CRM systems."When we had a new acquisition it would just add to the list of systems," said Ani Bhutkar, group director of corporate applications for the Mountain View, Calif.-based company.

This typically happens with Software as a Service (Saa S) products.Additionally, companies expanding globally sometimes find that far-flung operations have implemented their own CRM systems.Another scenario occurs when a company comes up on an upgrade and may want to choose between upgrading or going with a different application altogether. If you can't tie your marketing list back to your service and account list ...It's not always a problem, or one that needs to be fixed immediately, but there are some signals to look for which indicate that that you have too many CRM systems -- and they can sound a bit like a Jeff Foxworthy joke. you have too many CRM systems." The myriad customer data repositories at Synopsys convinced leadership that something needed to be done.

"You know you have too many CRM systems when no one can tell you where the master data is," said Ray Wang, CEO and principal analyst with Constellation Research in San Mateo, Calif. "It was almost a yearlong investigation into whether the native Scopus system was the right system," Bhuktar said. In 1999, Synopsys elected to go with SAP CRM, partly because it had been running SAP ERP since 1996.

CRM consolidation considerations Cost played a significant factor in the decision to go with SAP, particularly the cost of supporting a separate system.