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If you’re not impressed by that, you could always fall back on his beautiful blond hair or his killer sideburns.

You could ride on dolphins or find out what an Atlantean restaurant is like.

He’s just an all-around, lovable guys who is easy on the eyes and plenty of fun to be around. Midnighter Now here’s one who actually makes sense in regards to the word “sexy.” Midnighter is 100% pure macho, rugged sexiness in comic form.

He’s got a real sweet face and kind eyes that will make your heart. Sure, he has got a bit of baggage but that only makes the urge to hug him stronger.

As well, he is a giant nerd much like me, as is anyone who would sit down and read a list like this. He cares deeply for his family, his friends, and you, hypothetical love interest, if you’re lucky.

Included among his many appealing attributes are perfect hair, a chiseled physique, and the tightest, most form-fitting costume we are likely to ever see on a male superhero.

Nightwing hold the interesting distinction of being one of the only male superheroes to be sexualized just as much as his female contemporaries.