Cost of radiocarbon dating

16-Jul-2016 06:50

The method takes advantage of the natural occurrence of a radioactive isotope of carbon (C in samples of ancient carbon compounds and comparing this with the amount in modern materials, it is possible to determine the time of cessation of carbon exchange with the atmosphere.The radiocarbon lab at Geochron uses gas proportional counters to measure methane derived from relatively small samples.If at all possible retain a portion of each of your samples in the unlikely event of loss in shipment or in the laboratory. 8-10 weeks) with routine precision: £315 (+ VAT) per sample for batches of up to 9 samples.High Precision: Price available on enquiry - please contact Prof Gordon Cook. Alternatively, telephone or write to Professor Gordon Cook (details below).These prices include sampling (at Oxford), sample preparation, stable carbon isotope and AMS isotope measurement.We also offer liquid scintillation analysis using an extra low background Quantulus 1220 for high precision measurements on benzene.LIMITATION OF DAMAGES: While we do everything we can to process all samples with care, samples can be lost at any stage of the process.

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We reserve the right to refuse material for dating if the provenance is uncertain or for other ethical considerations.

These prices include sampling, chemical pre-treatment, stable carbon isotope and AMS isotope measurement for samples relevant to research in Archaeology or Environmental Science.