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Duritz doesn't flinch: "Hard Candy was about memories, the way you remember certain things." He hangs onto the past — or as he likes to call it, "films about ghosts" — like jagged heirlooms, never letting the wounds fully heal. "They came true though." • • • Much like his endless string of crumbled relationships, that Voice of a Generation promise didn't quite pan out.

Without breaking stride, he moves to the backstory of another song from that album, a cut called Miami: "I remember standing at the airport gate, back when you could wait for someone at the gate." Another girlfriend, a model this time, had been in Europe all summer. One of the reasons is no doubt because Adam Duritz is always, unfailingly, Adam Duritz. His songs are written in blood and loss and more than a touch of mania; they've taken their weary toll.

It hit me all at once." Both stories are told within the first five minutes of our call, a chat meant to promote Counting Crows' summer-tour kickoff Wednesday at the Straz Center in Tampa and a new LP, Somewhere Under Wonderland, the group's first original material in some six years, due this fall. Robust credit should be given to the other guys in the band, loyal to the cause after all these years, after all these breakdowns, deft players like guitarists David Bryson and Dan Vickrey and organist Charlie Gillingham. (from 1996's Recovering the Satellites) A full-on Springsteenian shout about the dizzying head-trip perils of overnight fame. If I Could Give All My Love — or — Richard Manuel Is Dead (from 2002's Hard Candy) Don't believe that Grateful Dead chug: This one is devastating. Hard Candy (from 2002's Hard Candy)"On certain Sundays in November, when the weather bothers me / I empty drawers of other summers, where my shadows used to be." 5. Potter's Lullaby (from 1999's This Desert Life) A rolling seven-minute story that nods to both Duritz ex Monica Potter and forever crush Bob Dylan. Raining in Baltimore (from 1993's August and Everything After) Near-parodic in its stark portrayal of spare, brutal hopelessness. Daylight Fading (from 1996's Recovering the Satellites) Guitarists Dan Vickrey and David Bryson's tastiest country-fried licks. A Long December (from 1996's Recovering the Satellites) A cinematic breakup doozy and one of the '90s' smartest pop hits. The band crescendos to a glorious end-credits roar as an unhinged Duritz prays he'll change his destructive romantic ways — all the while knowing he never will. Center for the Performing Arts, 1010 N Mac Innes Place, Tampa.

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The couple married in 2000, in a lavish Malibu wedding. The couple got tongues wagging this June when Aniston was seen wearing a diamond ring following a romantic European getaway.Their marriage was considered a rare Hollywood success for years. But the diamond bling on her right hand wasn't new and, at the time, the one on her left ring finger was the same one she had been sporting since she and Theroux began a relationship.

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