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Some of the vehicles will work independently, Space Safety Magazine reports, while others are designed to function as aides for astronauts.

(The Commander, for example, could ostensibly transport astronauts across lunar or Martian landscapes.

The CSA developed this Mini Cooper-sized all-terrain vehicle, the SL-Commander, in conjunction with Bombardier Recreational Products, which had previously helped to develop the Lunar Exploration Light Rover.

It can either accompany an astronaut or work on its own, deployed from a larger rover.

The vehicle's tether allows it to navigate slopes up to an impressive 65 degrees.

In 2009, the Canadian Space Agency committed 0 million the development of advanced robotics and space exploration technologies.

"In fact, we have an invitation right now from NASA to start working on advancing these technologies and taking them to flight for eventually a mission," Leclerc said.And the Canadian rovers should blend right in: All in all, they are quite similar to their American counterparts -- except that, in addition to English and Martian, they also likely speak French. The Robot Explorer -- "Rex" for short -- resembles Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity for a reason: It's been designed to collect soil samples from Mars.