Courteney cox arquette dating

10-Nov-2014 13:02

Jen is taken care of, so now we're in need of someone else's happily-every-after to fixate on. Rachel didn't settle down before Monica, therefore there's a disturbance in the force.

And If Courteney were really your friend, you'd totally advise against her rushing into another relationship too soon and plan all sorts of fun, distracting outings while she healed post-breakup. With that rumor having surfaced out of thin air, with no confirmed sightings or pictures of Matthew and Courteney hanging out recently to go with it, no wonder actual photographs of her and Will Arnett spurred instant speculation!

Interestingly, contrary to how empathy (and decency, for that matter) so often goes by the wayside when people are following the trials and tribulations of the celebrity world, the hullabaloo following Courteney's engagement (there was a report a week for the last year about when it would take place and who'd be in attendance) and then her breakup seems to actually be coming from a good place.

First of all, with Jennifer Aniston having finally married Justin Theroux this summer, there is now an opening in the part of the world's collective soul that was reserved for fretting over a celebrity's love life.

The couple were recently spotted on a date at West Hollywood's Chi Lin restaurant, where a witness said they 'acted like boyfriend and girlfriend' as they dined with Courteney's nine-year-old daughter with David, Coco.

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Certainly an old-fashioned sentiment, but perfectly well-intentioned—and definitely what you'd want for one of your best friends.The 49-year-old Friends star, whose divorce from David Arquette was recently finalised following their split in 2010, is reportedly finally ready to go public with her new romance after being linked to her Cougar Town co-star several times in the past.