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23-Dec-2014 19:09

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If young organic material became mixed with the dinosaur material that was carbon-14 dated, then the younger material would skew the result to a younger age.

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The age for all these fossils was found to be less than 50,000 years1.

This is not predicted by conventional evolutionary theory; and other discoveries have been made concerning dinosaurs which also are not predicted by evolutionary theory such as the discovery of soft tissue in bones that are not or are only partially fossilized.2 Both the carbon-14 dating results and the discovery of soft tissue in incompletely fossilized dinosaur bones share the common theme of being indicators of much younger ages for dinosaurs than evolution claims.

Compared to the conventional theory of dinosaurs’ being at minimum 65 million years old, the time it would take soft tissue to degrade and the Each of the two thousand meeting participants was given a disc which included the abstract of the carbon-14 dating report.

However, the abstract of the Miller presentation was removed from the website for the conference.

The dinosaur dates reported below and discussed in the AOGS 2012 paper discussed throughout this article, included triceratops, hadrosaur, allosaurus, and acrocanthasaurs.Below is a list of some dinosaur fossils and their dated ages from the Miller paper.

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