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X-Men Deep Cut : Tusk was a henchman of Apocalypse who could pop miniature versions of himself (the Tuskettes) out of his back, and literally the only X-Men character I encountered researching this article I had never heard of.He was the foe in Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine’s first appearance.

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You might expect Apocalypse to be the endboss of a game with his name on it, but that’s the twist!

Not unlike the Super Star Wars franchise of the same era, this game imperfectly captured the spirit of its license while providing solid, simple gameplay.

Here are eight memorable X-Games, the good and bad, with special attention paid to the deepest cuts they pulled from the X-Men’s labyrinthine history. X-Men Arcade Konami, 1992 Arcade-goers of a certain age crammed countless quarters into Konami’s line of beat-em-ups, but X-Men was the first and only game with a doublewide cabinet to accept payment from six marks at once.

The action was nearly identical to predecessors like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons, but now you could play with two more friends!

Krakoa was the first enemy that the New X-Men faced in Giant Size X-Men #1. X-Men: Mutant Apocaylpse SNES Capcom, 1994 Though nowhere near as memorable or imaginative some of Capcom’s other platformers like Duck Tales or the Mega Man series, Mutant Apocalypse stands out as the first home videogame adaptation of the X-Men that wasn’t abjectly horrible.The graphics were impressive for the era, the controls were basic but responsive, and there was even a semblance of a coherent story driving you towards yet another confrontation with Magneto.

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