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Supplementary Order Papers are located under the tab of their related Bill.

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The website label "Legislative Instruments" replaced the previous label "Regulations" on 5 August 2013.

The Other Instruments themselves are not hosted on this website.

Bills and Supplementary Order Papers published after 1 January 2008 are available through this website.

See Search tips for finding Bills that are no longer current (enacted and terminated Bills). In particular, earlier Bills are available from the New Zealand Historical Bills 1854–2008 Collection.

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(See below for minor exceptions.) Legislation repealed or revoked before 4 September 2007 is not generally available, with certain exceptions (such as portions of the revoked Building Regulations 1992—particularly the Building Code, which is still in force).See Search tips for finding repealed and revoked legislation. In particular, earlier (repealed) Acts are available from the New Zealand Acts 1841–2007 As-Enacted Collection and earlier (revoked) Statutory Regulations are available from the New Zealand Statutory Regulations 1936–2007 As-Made Collection.