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US Navy's Shark-Shaped Swimming Drone30: Illuminating Music: Earbuds Pulse Along With the Beat29: Emergency Power: Paper Micro-Batteries for Mobile Phones28: Mercedes' Self-Driving Car is a Luxury Office on Wheels27: World's Most Wearable Multi-Tool is Made of Useful Links27: Power Wash: Exercise Bike-Driven Clothes Washing Machine26: Mobile Micro-Cabin: Bicycle-Towed Camper Built to Sleep 225: Screen Printing: Create Hard Copies of i Phone Memories24: Data Stickies: Portable 'Post-It Note' Flash Drive Design23: Sling-Slang: The Slick DIY Wooden Yo-Yo For Grown-Ups22: Swap Space for Energy: Free Water & Heat from the Cloud21: Modular Smartwatch: Rad Open-Platform Wrist Wearable20: Power Plants: Dutch Harvesting Energy from Live Greenery19: Hot Swap: Google's New 11-Piece Modular Phone Prototype18: Retro Hybrid: Remixing Classic Mac & Classy Apple Designs17: We'll All Float On: DIY Hoverboard With Leaf Blower Power16: Rocking Controller Takes Gaming Movement to the Feet15: Outernet: Pocket-Portable Device Has Internet Everywhere14: Nunchuk-Inspired Case Gives You Mad i Phone Ninja Skills13: Amputee Tests First-Ever Mind Controlled Dual Robot Arms12: Desktop Termites: Cool Habitat Displays Wood-Eating Bugs12: Un-Clouding: Wearable Hard Drive Carries 1TB of Data11: Rescue From Above: Inflating Float Ring Clips Onto Drone10: Next-Gen Eco-Friendly Leather Comes From Pineapple Trees09: Spellbinding Film Shows Earth Rotating as Stars Stay Still08: Transport Cylinder Glides Along Abandoned Railroad Tracks07: Futuristic System Uses Eye Reflections to Identify Faces07: Too Hot to Handle: Backyard Foundry Melts Cans in Seconds06: This Acoustic Instrument Sounds Like it Comes From Space06: Forget the Down: Winter Gear Has Customizable Insulation05: Touch + Go: Modular System Gives i Pad Physical Controls05: How Used X-Rays Brought Banned US Music to the USSR04: Light + Movement: A Dance With Projected Light Pixels03: A Better Mouse: Input Device With the Precision of a Pen02: Electric Trikes Hefty Enough to Carry Cargo + Passengers01: Stress-Measuring Ring Tracks + Records Your Emotions31: Multi-Tasking Seaplane is a Fishing Boat, Sundeck + Tent30: Platform Robot Can Perfectly Balance a Ball on its Center30: Fun With Food: 3D Printed Pieces Turn Veggies Into Toys29: Storage Story: Combo Lock Opens With Pics, not Numbers29: Terribly Un-useful Home Objects Teach Sneaky Life Lessons28: Retro Calcs Uncovered: Complex Charm of Antique Machines27: Safer Skating: Rock Deflector Keeps Skateboarders Upright26: World's New Deepest-Dwelling Fish is a Ghostly Beauty26: Sleepy?

Robotic Drinking Buddy Clinks & Drinks With You03: Dissolving Electronics to Monitor Brain Then Melt Away01: Beyond Pluto: New 9th Planet Orbits Once Per 15,000 Years29: Clean Sheets: The World's First In-Office Paper Recycler27: Vault 101: Freaky Earthquake-Proof Bed Locks You Inside25: Rest Elbows Not Armpits: Ergonomic Arm-Friendly Crutches22: Dronestruction: Watch Drones Build a Working Rope Bridge20: New MIT Desalination Tech 'Shocks' the Salt Out of Water18: Selfie-Defense Class Teaches Tourists Camera-Stick Combat15: Life Cycle: Customizable Modular Bike with Swappable Parts13: Vertical Wheelchair Rolls User While Seated or Upright11: Telehaptics: Holograms Let Users Interact at a Distance08: World's Biggest Ball Pit: Millions of Balls Slow LA Drought06: Boncho: Extended Folding Rain Poncho Keeps Cyclists Dry04: Backyard Biofuel: Home Converter Reuses Organic Waste01: Spinning Fan Clock Displays Time on Speedy LED Blades30: 2 Black Holes Colliding with Power of 1 Million Supernovas28: Self-Inflating Bike Tire Tube Pumps Itself Up as You Ride25: DIY Holograms: Hack a Phone & CD Case to Make 3D Videos24: i Pet Companion: Play Live Online with Needy Shelter Cats22: Wearable Waste: Shoes 3D-Printed with Plastic Ocean Trash21: Modular Kinetic Toy Kit Teaches Kids About Design Motion18: Biopolymer Breakthrough: World's First 100% Reusable Plastic17: Magical Compass: Simple LED Points the Way for Cyclists15: Next-Gen Radar Detector Spots Cops & Stoplight Cameras14: Pi Zero: New Tiny & Ultra-Cheap Computer Costs Just 11: Mexican Town Using New MIT Solar-Powered Water Purifier10: Robotic Reflector Brings Sunlight to Dark Inside Corners08: Waste Not: Japanese Invention Turns Plastic Bags to Fuel07: Row-Bot: Drone Skims Water Surfaces Fueled by Pollution04: Ferrari for Farmers: Sleek Sports Car-Style Tractor Design03: Bendable Screens: Flexible Paper-Thin Phone & TV Displays01: Store Bot: Aisle-Rolling Robot Helps Stock Shop Shelves30: Tactile Virtual Reality: Wireless Tech Lets Users Feel in VR27: Nanosubmarine: World's Smallest Sub is Powered by Light26: Fallout IRL: Game Fan Creates Real Flaming Sword of Scrap24: Fairphone 2 Unlocked: Modular DIY-Fixable Mobile Phone23: Weed-Stomping Farm Robot: No Harmful Pesticides Needed20: Return of the Flip Phone: Leaked Photos of New Galaxy Cell19: World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor is Coming Online17: DIY Handheld 3D-Printed Rail Gun Fires Shots at 560 MPH16: Found in Space: 8 Exoplanets that Could Host Alien Life13: Origami Crossing: Portable Flat-Pack Accordion Bridge12: Strong as Steel: Scientists Unveil New 'Unbreakable' Glass11: Hands-Free Umbrella Weathers the Storm While You Text10: World's First Stable Jetpack Flies Around Statue of Liberty09: High Tech on the High Street: UK's First Wi Fi Sidewalks06: Primitive Ritual: Charging Your Phone Goes Prehistoric05: Lost in Space: Launched Go Pro Footage Found Years Later04: Time Warp Accessories: Wearable Portable Vinyl Players03: Bio Logic: Shape-Shifting Fabric Senses Sweat & Transforms02: Phone-Synced e Bike Goes From Full-Size to Folded in 3 Secs30: Feel Out the Virtual World With This Haptic Arm Band29: Swim Like a Sea Mammal: Underwater Jet Pack Thrusters28: Timely Touch: Hidden Clock is Illuminated With a Push27: Engineer Crafts 'Real' Hammer of Thor Only He Can Lift23: Play With Your Food: Gamified Meal Set Makes Eating Fun21: Concorde 2.0: Hypersonic Jet Takes 1 Hour from US to UK20: Moon Shots: NASA Releases 10,000+ Apollo Mission Photos19: Rekindle: Perpetual Candle Reuses Wax, Burns at Both Ends16: Sound of the Fury?

Radio Wave Gun Shoots Down Drones15: Biofluorescent Sea Turtle: World's First Glowing Reptile14: Photonic Fence: Laser Network Zaps Mosquitoes in Midair12: Hysterically Weird Short Video is Masterfully Mind Melting09: Moldable Glue: DIY Fix-Anything Adhesive Acts Like Rubber08: i Ring Wearable: Apple Patents Tiny Touchscreen Smart Ring07: Mix it Up: All-In-One Art Marker Colors a Range of Tones06: DIY Hackers: 3 Geek Key Holders for Shared Office Spaces05: Sleep Mask Offers Better Rest Through Lucid Dreaming02: And...

Boom: Amazing HD Footage of Atomic Bomb Testing01: Bone Conduction Headphones: Walk & Cycle Safely in Cities30: Heart in a Box: Device Revives Dead Hearts For Transplant29: Mini Turbine: Portable Wind Generator for Home or Travel28: My First Robot: Bot Wanders Playgrounds, Engages Kids25: Perpetual Motion: Kinetic Artworks Driven by Hair Dryers24: Goodnight, Moon: Luna Lamps Bring Moonlight Inside23: Write-O!Redesigned Keyboard Makes Mobile Typing Simple22: Everbright: Giant Interactive Lite-Brite Wall for Adults21: First Ever Algae-Derived Foam Makes Yoga Earth Friendlier18: Picky Pics: Camera Won't Let You Snap the Touristy Places17: DIY Tree Branch Filter Strains 99% of E Coli from Water16: Knock, Knock: This Module Wants to Smarten Your House15: Tattle Truncheon: Police Club Texts Cop's Mom When Used14: Student-Made, 1-Cylinder Car Gets 2,000+ Miles per Gallon11: Caffeine Dreams: Recycled Coffee = 3D Printing Filament10: Wi-Fi Energy: Tesla's Wireless Dream Now Powerful Reality09: Feeling Your Way: Device Changes its Shape to Navigate08: Sleek New Polaroid Camera Prints Instantly & Inklessly07: DIY Tattoo Machine: Trust Yourself for Your Own Body Art?

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