Daba dating a banker anonymous

13-Sep-2015 09:27

Updated February 25, 2009 To read an update on the DABA girls who seem to have "exaggerated" their story to the New York Times, see this post in Newsweek.

Whether the “excuse” is a book group, cooking club, or knitting circle—women characteristically gravitate towards one another not only to share interests but also to share joys, sorrows and hopes.

Actually, some have actually wondered if the site is real or simply a spoof. Here is DABA’s mission statement at the top of the site’s home page.

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According to the New York Times, DABA was started by two best friends, Laney Crowell and Megan Petrus, young professionals who were each involved in a relationship with a man working in the financial sector when things began spiraling downward---both in terms of the economy and in their relationships.

While DABA’s blog and the Times report are infused with tongue-in-cheek humor, the topic merits serious attention.

When men lose their jobs and/or their money, they’re prone to depression, anxiety and loss of self-esteem, which can wreak havoc on their relationships.

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The group meets once or twice a week, over brunch or cocktails, so its members can commiserate about boyfriends whose moods are fluctuating as erratically as the tumultuous market conditions.

The person who sent me this site didn’t want their name associated with it, reading through some of the posts on it I found it pretty comical given the time’s we’re in.

If you have some time to kill, check it out for a laugh, clicking on the screenshot below will take you to the site…

A regular circle of friends, a loosely organized sisterhood like DABA, or an informal chat over a cup of coffee can offer girlfriends emotional support to enable them to better cope with today’s harsh economic and relationship realities.

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