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The testament to this approach that I can describe best is my own personal experience.As a culture, we have lost connection with other people and rarely even really know another person at a truly deep level.In our society, we think that by knowing someone’s name, where they are from, and their job that we know that person.It requires an inner state of love and happiness to truly be open and vulnerable and connect with another soul.It is through supreme happiness and self-love that you can determine your life’s mission and find another soul to share your love with.It is helpful to have a dating coach or mentor throughout this journey to help you identify what has been limiting you in the past, provide you with resources and tools, and to teach you how to understand the perspectives and motivations of others.

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By working with me as a dating coach and/ or spiritual mentor, I can help you to reconnect with your true essence, find self-love, and supreme happiness.I can help free you from your self-destructive thoughts and patterns that keep you from true happiness and love.In today’s busy culture, we can lose touch with our true essence.We become distracted by work, stress, and to-do lists.

When you can accomplish self-love, you can reach a level of unconditional love and appreciation of the world that will radiate from you.Not only will others be drawn to you, but you will want to share your love with the world.

This need felt by many people and many have worked on it.… continue reading »

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