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That may sound strict, but remember that in the act of contrition we promise to “avoid the near occasion of sin.” That doesn’t mean that arousal or sexual desire is bad, it just means that we don’t want to prepare our bodies for something that neither of us is ready for.Both guys and girls in relationships need to be aware of, and sensitive to, the temptations and struggles that the other person is dealing with.They both deserve to know that their total gift of self and their vulnerability is guarded within their spouse’s promise of faithful love and commitment.Outside of marriage, they don’t have that promise and their bodies are contradicting the reality of their souls.

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Q: I have read a few articles and Q&A’s in (such as “If you love me… Each person becomes totally vulnerable to the other, and neither should have to worry that the other would leave them or exploit their vulnerability.lead me to Christ”), which a number of them mentioned the struggles with falling into temptation and getting more physical in dating relationships. Both persons deserve to be secure in knowing that the other is committed for life.My question is this, regarding to physical intimacy, how much is too much? Because of how total this gift is, it is only safeguarded within the permanent, lifelong covenant of marriage. In the body language of sex, the body says, “Here is all of me, completely given to you and only you.” Realizing that sex is naturally designed toward the creation of new life, there is also a way in which the body speaks of an openness to becoming co-creators with God.

When a couple has sex outside of marriage, their bodies are renewing vows that they never made.Their bodies are speaking of a promise and a commitment that doesn’t exist.