Dating a celibate man 16 year old dating

11-Aug-2015 13:24

I hope you are blessed with a wife in your lifetime, if that is God's will. Chayil Hi Chayil, It is good to hear back from you.I'm glad you know now there are still some old fashioned people in the world.I do understand that most people are after sex, and very few wait for marriage these days, and that's a shame.So, well, now you have met one man with old fashioned values, so I suppose there are a few of us left, but like the dinasaurs, we are disapppearing quickly. Peace Robbie Thank you for your response Robbie - very encouraging.I have been hurt in many relationships, because the girl decided to have sexual relations before meeting me.

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I have been abstaining for 12 years for faith based reasons and I don't have any girl/guy friends that have been successfully abstinent for over 5 years that I can lean on for support. It seems like at the end of the day sex is ALL men want and the only way to keep him around. Chayil Post edited by: Chayil, at: 05/24/2010 PM Hi Chayil, It's to have you in the group. But men do not seem to value any level of purity anymore.