Dating a man who has been in jail Bangkok xxxsex com

26-Dec-2014 03:09

Do you have any tips for how I can get them to not judge him, but to be supportive of my decisions? You will have lots of choices after you tell them, depending on what their reactions are. Second, no parents are going to be happy that their daughter is marrying a man with a criminal record – let alone one who is in jail currently.Signed, My Fiance’s In Jail " Dear My Fiance’s in Jail: First of all, you’re 37 years old. You need to have your own life separate from what your parents think. If you expect them to not judge him and to be supportive of your decision to marry him, YOU are the one with unrealistic expectations.You cannot “get them” to not judge him and be supportive of your decisions. Besides the fact that they don’t have to judge him – a real judge already did – and found him guilty. Third, unless your family has a history of having family members incarcerated, so that having a husband or a fiancé in jail is somewhat normal, you have made a bad choice.You’re only 37– and while you may feel your biological clock ticking, making a bad decision and marrying and having children with someone who’s got a criminal record among other problems that usually comes with someone who can’t obey the law of their own volition, you’re going to get into deeper problems, and you’re going to involve innocent children in a situation that can be avoided.

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There are questions only you can know the answers to – and you may not want to hear them, but it’s imperative to your well being that you try to: Is this his first offense? Are you acting out by trying to marry someone that you know will upset your parents in a backwards way to get their attention?

Dating Men Behind Bars Instead of Men In Bars: Eric Menendez, one of the Menendez brothers who is on death row, met his fiance as a pen pal who wrote him in jail.

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