Dating a pisces male

24-May-2015 15:39

A Pisces man can be two different people in one and the contrast between both is so wide that it is hard to fathom out how he has managed it.

He can stay with a woman for most of his life but decide not to get married.

He will seem like a little puppy desperate for attention and love but not prepared to do anything in return.

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In contrast he could spend the night with a prostitute or just pick someone up for a one night stand and the next day he will decide he wants to be with them forever.

He can be infuriating and yet innocent and needy at the same time.

To him he still has his freedom even though he cannot function properly without her.

It is how he feels about things that is important rather than how they really are.

Most of the things you know you will find out by accident or through his family or friends.He may at times slip up and let you know something but it wont be much and he will do his best to make sure that it does not happen often.

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