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08-Nov-2015 02:49

I got a chance to hear Chris and Johnny (an old group out of Montana) who used to play the live college music circuit and another duo (who I can't remember right now).3 out of 4 of those guys played Taylors and as a broke college student, I stayed up late at times dreaming of getting my first Taylor and all of the ways I would work to generate the income just so I could claim one of these beauties for myself.

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Fortunately, for many college and high school students, as well as adults who want a professional quality guitar with that sweet Taylor name can afford one. Additionally, of this model are ideal for the stage and recording as well.

Ever since I first heard a Taylor guitar played in a live performance, I just had to have one.

I was back in college in the early 90s and like a lot of kid musicians in college, I had a dream of being a professional performer some day.

As in all Taylor guitars, the sound quality is excellent at all playing and strumming volumes, reagardless of how hard the player digs into the strings.

Though Taylor guitars date back to October 15, 1974, it has only been the last few years with superior laminate technology that Taylor could afford to offer their top-of-the-line craftsmanship for under 00. As one would expect from a Bob Taylor quality crafted guitar, it boasts great action (playability - as all Taylors do) with full sound for flat-picking- strumming and finger-picking – it is truly very versatile and serves all playing styles well.In fact, these Taylor 110 e series ("e" signifying the ES-T - Expression System Transducer so you can plug it in) are In my personal opinion, this is an excellent guitar for the beginner with some serious goals or intermediate player looking to get a better long-term sound, pleasure and investment than a less expensive guitar, or even for the professional who is looking for a second, top-quality guitar on a budget and does not want to sacrifice playability, tone quality and sound projection. Here are some of the From my experience, you won't get locked into any particular playing style with this axe.