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06-Sep-2016 13:19

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When the shoe's on the other foot, it's not fun."I agree that playing hard to get sometimes tips the scale too far in the direction of downright confusing, but you can't fault us for wanting to take back a little bit of the power that was resigned to us when we thought that a guy's holy rite was to make the first move.

Online dating might have leveled the playing field—and made it easier to meet someone who shares your interests, but it's yet to obliterate playing hard to get.

"I don't want someone who puts mind games higher on the list than honesty."When you're out at the bar and you spot a cutie, playing coy and making eye contact from across the room is one way to get his attention.

So you brush past him, make eye contact and dangle the bait—but then you walk way. Studies have confirmed it works— you play it right.

"After being with so many girls, I don't want someone who puts mind games higher on the list than honesty.I've been the jerk that plays games with girls' emotions; I've been the guy that's hard to get.I'm a guy, I want to feel like I worked hard to get your attention and that you're not just paying attention to me because I'm the last one at the bar before last call.""Playing hard to get?," asks Jason, 28, "It's like the tried-and-true way to get a guy to notice you.

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I mean, don't get me wrong, I like it when girls are straight forward too, but there's just something about a girl who teases you before letting you know she's interested that just really appeals to me, both at a bar and at home.""Nothing hotter than a girl who makes me work for it," says Jamal, 24. "I like the idea of playing hard to get, but when the time comes, I can't tell if you're just messing with me to get a free drink or if you're trying to let me know you're into me. So something like teasing and tempting me but then backing off isn't really helping me feel confident and wanted in the situation.""OK, at a bar, I like it—outside of the bar, it's a dealbreaker for me.

If you're playing hard to get at a bar because you noticed me and want to me to make the first move, fine, that works for me," Alex, 26, says, "but once we've started dating and you wait days to return my calls and keep telling me that I have to 'work really hard to keep you', it’s a really big turn-off.

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