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31-Oct-2015 15:47

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“I wish I’d held off on having children until I knew my rights more.” Had she held off on having children, Kirsten believes she would have left the marriage after the first year.

In the West, extended family does not play as much of a role as it does in the Arab world.

Kirsten pointed out how in Egypt, the extended family plays a role to the “point of interference.” She said, “If the husband has done something wrong, it’s the wife’s fault.

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"Letters from Egypt," a blog discussing becoming acclimated in Egyptian society after moving from the US in 2008, along with the lessons and adventures I stumbled upon during my nearly seven years there.

“My Mohamed is Different,” or MMD, as told to me by a friend of mine regarding foreign women dating Egyptians (alternately, I prefer MAD - My Ahmed is Different).