Dating and courtship history

02-Jun-2016 13:30

Flash forward to the 20th century where romance played an increasingly important role in dating.In the 1950's courtship was formal and elaborate — a routine of going steady, getting pinned and then engaged, all under the watchful eyes of parents.The advent of new technology in the 1990s saw the most significant shift in dating yet.As the internet expanded, couples were able to meet in new ways.The 1960s brought feminist freedom and the birth control pill. In that same era, dating services found their way on to the scene.Back then, big computers helped people find a mate.

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“The Dating Game was perfect for it's time.” The free-wheeling 1970s made shows like the dating game seem downright chaste.No one felt the need for a marriage license to have sex and the pick-up scene at bars stayed in full swing throughout the next decade.