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But I'll be the first to confess that I've had second thoughts after drawing the platonic line in the sand. Perhaps..sometimes the cliché is true: It often takes an absence of something for us to realize that we wanted it in the first place.

But people can smell desperation from a mile away, and someone who is seemingly unavailable or picky is certainly more attractive than those who are too available. Pretending you're not interested at all can backfire, so if you dig them, don't spend too long acting like they don't exist.3. The player obnoxiously brings the target back down to earth by challenging her goals: "There's no way you can run a marathon. Someone confident enough to challenge you is sexy..when you're just starting to get to know each other, a little feistiness is definitely appealing.

You have no idea," while others are supporting and kissing butt. Keep it light and friendly, and throw in a smile or a wink to show them you're being playful, not mean.4. While Prince Charming is laying his coat in a puddle for the girl, Crass Bastard is ordering another round and encouraging his target to dance on the bar.

So be yourself and shake it up by treating your crush like a friend. The player gives her what she wished for, and then some.

You want the person you date to like the real you, so be clear about who the real you is, lovable quirks and all.5. He revokes ALL privileges so he's essentially out of her life and some other girl is getting his attention and friendship.

While other guys are putting her on a pedestal, the player is hard to get.

This game can be saved for when the player knows his target likes him, and he's trying to get her to admit it. There's a thin line with this game — spend too much time talking about other women and I'll take myself out of the running.

The player makes like a dollar bill on the end of a fishing line. I'll admit, "consistent inconsistency" has led to many a girls' night spent attempting to crack the code.

He can enhance his game by flirting with other girls (flirting with her friends annoys her even more).

The I Don't Like You/Make 'Em Jealous Game He Said... The player refrains from showing any interest in his target.

Give a little, take a little: friendly and attentive for a while, then randomly aloof. If played correctly, the player compels his target to solve or figure him out. But player beware: This game will come to an abrupt end when the object of your desire realizes they're now more interested in figuring out what's wrong with you than actually dating you.2.

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If played effectively, the target will not only assume the player has — at some point — accomplished what she's trying to accomplish, but she'll see the player as part of the goal: "You say I can't? The Crass Bastard player will stand out, his target will never be bored, and she'll feel like "one of the guys." Most likely, her parents want her to bring home Pike Winston Blair III, a graduate of Harvard Law.But Crass Bastard is the guy she wasn't supposed to take home to Mom, and that intrigues her. Being on your best please-find-me-datable behavior can often have the opposite of the intended effect: The one you're after may just find you a bit dull and lacking personality.