Dating and the seven commandments datingtroubles com

21-Dec-2015 20:16

More options means more potential for meeting some truly incredible people and having some truly incredible sex with those people. Especially if that someone else lives around the corner.

And chances are, if that time is "closing," then you’re going home with someone else.

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If you live more stops outside Manhattan than your date, be prepared to stash a change of underwear and a travel toothbrush on your person at all times. Fridays and Saturdays are too precious to waste on potentially not getting laid. The elimination of driving also means you can drink to excess -- another perk if the date is going badly (or maybe if it’s going really well... Having a secret bar or restaurant in your dating toolkit is a sure-fire way to score Insanely Cool points, which, for the record, are better than Regular Cool points.

In NYC, Monday-Thursday are not only acceptable date nights, they should be the only date nights. (That’s math.) Suddenly their jokes are infinitely more hilarious and you are overcome with an overwhelming desire to marry your names on a communal mailbox. There’s no awkward car ride to take your date home.