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04-Sep-2016 11:07

Ariane smiles, “That is such a geeky thing to say.”“What do you mean? “There are few geeks I know at work,” Ariane explains, “who like to pretend to live in their own little fantasy worlds.”“Yes, no one in the REAL world would ever use the metric system, except, you know, everyone outside the United States,” answers Rachel sacastically.“OK point taken, 4 degrees it is.” says Ariane, “I keep my thermostat at 70, hope that is not too hot for you.” Rachel has a look around Ariane’s place.“Interesting color scheme,” says Rachel, “This room is so red it reminds me of a Loco Cola photo shoot.”“The original was white walls with blue carpeting,” explains Ariane, “it reminded me too much of Facebook.” “So you picked the color scheme of your favorite porn site then? For PC, Mac and Linux versions only: The code for achievements, dinner, hot tub, and couch make out have been rewritten to be more efficient.

You should not notice any changes in game play except the couch make out scene where the appearance of some choices have changed when they appear.

I have already made changes to the workarounds to reflect those changes.

I also added translation credits to four international versions in the gallery.108: fixed spelling that crashed playing on monkeybars109: fixed another crash for missing picture going out to dinner, and fixed the endless loop at the drive in.110: fixed crashes associated with picnic dinner, and fixed naked monkeybars, and other text issues.

“Ever play those defend the fort games that seem to be everywhere? One makes the impenetrable fort, the other tries to penetrate it.”“I always thought there should be more penetration in video games,” says Rachel.“Get your head out of the gutter, Rachel. Let’s just say we still have a big ‘to do’ list before we are even in beta.”“I understand,” says Rachel, “but I’m impressed so far. ”“In the backyard next to the pool,” replies Ariane pointing to the backdoor with her thumb.“Whoa, you have a pool too?

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”“Thanks, it’s like 4 degrees out here,” says Rachel.“Umm, my weather app says 40.”“Well, I’m a science major, I live on the metric system,” Rachel explains. Rachel sees the bookshelves by the TV, “Your book collection is pretty good too, lots of sci-fi classics H. The above fixes have already been made in the international version and the android versions, so they have not been updated.

It worked, the simplest of texturing resulted in a pretty good picture #1 above.

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