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There was less demand for carved marble or cast bronze statues compared to head and shoulder busts and the style was predominantly realist.

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From the first century AD, the Romans created more stylized busts and depicted their emperors with an emphasis on certain aspects to legitimize their authority or align themselves with revered predecessors.From this time on there were many experienced sculptors available for public and private works.The use of sculpture to adorn a community’s central building went on to become a powerful European tradition – seen particularly in the church sculpture of the Middle Ages.– Manufacture de Sèvres Chryses praying to Apollo Musée du Louvre Greek sculpture reached its peak for quality and quantity around the mid 5th century BC.

This was the era when the Athenians were completing the Parthenon, which featured a lot of elaborately carved sculptures as temple decoration and Myron was also completing his famous sculpture, ‘The Discus Thrower’.Also some of the sculptors themselves chose to abandon its demanding exactitude in favour of simpler, much more expressive forms of three-dimensional work in line with what their counterparts were doing in painting and other areas of art.

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