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For Churches of Christ that do not agree with congregational support of church or para-church organizations, see The churches of Christ (non-institutional).

For groups of autonomous congregations using the name "church of Christ" that have no historical connection with the Restoration Movement, see Churches of Christ (non-Restoration Movement). Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with one another through common beliefs and practices.

They seek to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone in order to be the church described in the New Testament.

Churches of Christ teach that God saves and adds to the church those who hear the gospel, believe in Christ, repent of sin, confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and are baptized for the remission of sins ().

What began in 1979 with 30 devoted disciples of Jesus has grown into a congregation of over 2,000 today. More Our church services are worshipful, energetic and loving.

Back then our mission was to courageously lead people … People describe our church services as worshipful, energetic, and loving. Service typically lasts about 90 minutes and includes plenty of singing, worship, a reflective communion message and a life-guiding sermon. More Communion is a time of remembrance where we reflect on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, we’re sure you’ll find our congregation …

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Service typically lasts about 90 minutes and includes plenty of singing/worship, a reflective communion message, and a life-guiding Bible based sermon. If you are visiting there is no expectation that you participate in communion as a guest. More We want both the children and adults to enjoy an encouraging and inspiring time each Sunday.

During worship services each worship center offers a Kingdom Kids program for infants-4th grade, and a pre-teen program for grades 5th-6th. More Each of our ministry centers has a vibrant a young teens ministry (grades 7th -8th) and a teens ministry (grades 9th -12th).

These ministries strive to help our youth develop a stronger connection to family, a deeper understanding of God, and …

More Through one another relationships we are committed to helping each other lead lives devoted to Jesus, and helping people from all backgrounds develop their spiritual lives.

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Churches of Christ in the United States have heritage in the American Restoration Movement.This evangelistic and Bible-based effort began in various places as several people sought a return to the original teachings and practices of the New Testament.