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13-Apr-2016 17:31

Weddings are significant events and a marriage ceremony is one of the oldest customs in history.

Regardless of time or place, marriage ceremonies have signified the bond between two people and their commitment to each other.

Below, to help guard you against surprise, misfortune or embarrassment, we've compiled a list of interesting customs and superstitions you may encounter while in Lithuania.

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An appropriate gift is a bottle of Krupnika, traditional Lithuanian honey liquor.Whether you've brought some or not, your host should produce a bottle of Krupnika upon your arrival and pour you a shot.Wedding ceremonies are popular events which many people enjoy attending to congratulate the new couple.Marriage and wedding ceremonies vary by location, with many countries incorporating their own history and culture into each event.

African Presented by Signup for free online dating.A country with a long pagan history and rich folklife, Lithuania has a wealth of age-old superstitions that are still in practice today.