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15-Apr-2015 08:57

I have no real fantasy to fill, except finding “real love.” Now, this is not priority number one, because frankly, my life needs some tweaking at this time. However, here are the types of men I have met as a woman of color in Berlin: Drunk old German: If I am out, the men who approach me are drunk old German men who are curious about every little detail about your life, without offering much more than a name.I just know for sure, that booty calls are not wanted. I sometimes wonder why some 55 year old would think that a woman who is 28 would be interested in them.Shoes dirty, clothes don’t match, hair not together.They have not been anywhere, and expect me at some point to pay for things.I was told that many women who are Black come here looking for a rich husband.I guess they think that is what I am after, so they ignore the obvious signals of me being rude, and think that I must want them somehow.There were many men that I ran into, and heard about the horrors of dating in Berlin. I will say, if you are looking for a “traditional dating experience” in Berlin, good freakin’ luck. While most people my age back home are not dating so much, we still seem to date more actively than the Germans do.Everyone seems to be into a booty call situation, or married. Personally, I have experimented enough that I am not looking for something purely physical.

I went out a lot when I was with my ex, but I was faithful.

Now, not just any fucking Black man, one that is similar in personality, education, and life goals…you know, the same standards I would have for those who weren’t Black.

While, I am all about unity with my Black folks, I swear some dudes are dusty as hell trying to approach me.

They usually speak terrible English mixed with a whole lot of “Ich liebe schwarze frauen” (I love black women). ” I normally brush them off nicely, depending on how drunk or rude they are.

Dusty African dude If you know me, you know I prefer Black men.I have noticed something, assholes come in all colors. I understand this country is HARD on Black men, but you have to realize it, and try to do better.

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