Dating does and don ts

13-Apr-2015 05:57

That’s what I told our family friend who was concerned that I wasn’t dating at the age of 26. It’s just that I found the whole dating scene rather depressing.

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We pray and trust God to watch over him and over her – both before and after that lovely wedding day.

My husband and I pray most every day for the future spouse of each one of our children.

And yet I’m still not a great fan of dating – especially “recreational” dating (). Our young people aren’t too enthusiastic about either of these options.

And that’s when we discovered the concept of and I thought all our problems were solved. So just for the record – while there are many benefits to courtship – it does not answer all the questions.

” I don’t know, but I sure wished there was another way. No need to be in a big, fat hurry DO take the time to assess the other person’s character. So don’t convince yourself that you know it all and understand everything.

Getting involved in a relationship – and deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with – is a HUGE deal. No one has it all together, so why not embrace the fact that you’ll probably need to learn a thing or two in the process?

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