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","applied-no-bal":"Your gift card has been redeemed.","failure":"There was an unexpected issue while processing your code.Paperback, Hazelden Publishing & Educational Services, 2004, ISBN# 1592851002 As the only "clean and sober dating" book on the market, Easy Does It Dating Guide offers a frank yet lighthearted view of what "normal" dating looks like.Sometimes humorous, always honest, this guide addresses unique relationship/dating issues that people in recovery from addiction often experience, including how much information to share about their past, whether they should date other addicts in recovery, and what to do if they are attracted to a problem drinker or drug user.Plus readers will find great information about how to determine when they are ready to date, what commitment and intimacy really mean, and what to expect when children, divorce, or a history of sexual abuse are part of the dating picture.

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