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24-Nov-2014 05:07

"For 15 years we have been the best of friends and we continue to be, not only for ourselves but for our family," a statement issued by the couple read.

I've got you.' My friends have been so fantastic, I haven't had to spend any major money on therapy - and in this city, that's pretty extraordinary."Victoria says that the legal terms of her divorce settlement mean that she cannot discuss the break-up at length, but adds that she is still on good terms with her ex.She and Doug have three children together; Evie Dorothy (10), Ridley Belle (8), and six-year-old Flynn Alexander."It's been Montezuma's revenge of the life cycle," she says of the past year. Doug and I are really good pals and someone said to me the other day, 'Are you trying to out-Gwynnie Gwynnie and Chris?Away from the public gaze, however, the fairytale was crumbling.In a statement released in March of this year, Victoria announced that she and husband Doug Baxter were filing for divorce.

Screen success on this side of the pond saw her up-sticks for Los Angeles, where she landed a role in a major TV series and walked the red carpet at glittering events such as the Golden Globes."I think there's a perception that I live a fairy princess life and that everything is just easy, plain sailing because of my past, my present," she says.