Dating early american pottery

07-Jan-2016 00:13

In North Carolina the Mississippian culture only touched the Southern part of the state, and everyone else continued to live “Late Woodland” lifestyles.

So if a person refers to the Late Woodland as if it is a time period considerably different ages can be implied.

The Early Period includes Thoms Creek, Stallings, Hamps Landing, New River, and Refuge wares.

This dates from about 3000BC to about 500BC, when carved paddles were used to form check stamped Deptford pottery.

In South Carolina and Georgia it is believed that the Mississippian people arrived after about 900AD, and that everyone thereafter was living in the Mississippian Period and presumably, practicing the same lifeways.

The most obvious example is the “Late Woodland” period as used in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

As early as about 1500BC pottery making was getting its start in the Mid Atlantic states, and from its earliest expression surfaces were frequently marked with cordage, nets, or fabric.

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