Dating email text phone etiquette

06-Nov-2015 05:49

But I hate the idea of being Miss Manners for dating or anything else.Then I realized there was a much more useful way of thinking about the role of phone communication.Said Dan Meader of Talk Talk Mobile to the Daily Mail, “[Our] work with Debretts means that we’re able to go one step further towards helping out Britain’s daters mind their manners. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, but don’t just not respond out of sheer laziness.

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As a bonus, it also prevents the following scenario from happening: Like this guy: Just don’t. You wouldn’t just randomly walk away from someone if you were talking to them face to face, right? Posing questions to the person you’re conversing with is good etiquette in any situation; it shows you’re interested in them. Constantly sending things like “LOL” and “IDK” will usually either make the other person lose interest, or make you seem “overly keen or too needy.” Or, y'know, like a tween girl. No one likes someone who just talks about themselves all the time.

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