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o SV)e(Viet^ $n i Tllust^atbd HANDBOOK OF INFORMATION ON f etoter aitir JMelfa f late WITH FULL PARTICULARS OF TOUCH MARKS, MAKERS' MARKS, ETC. R.6.8., Author of ' Money, Currency, Precious Metals, and Hall-Marks on Gold and Silver Plate," and other works. The great success of our previous publications, consisting of about twenty thousand copies, together with the numerous inquiries we have had of late years respecting the marks and quality of Pewter, has induced us to venture on a work of this description, which we hope will in some measure meet the requirements of those who are interested in the collection of Old Pewter and Sheffield Plate. 5 wares when produced ; and have sufficiently gauged or anticipated a section of the public taste as to produce what would sell.

When w T e are in pursuit of something we love or admire, we are willing to pay an extra price for the same if necessary.

As regards the collection of Old Pewter, the subject we have now in hand, there is great difficulty in procuring good specimens at reasonable prices.