Dating etiquette for young men

01-Aug-2015 11:49

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"Kids who are gentlemen don't bully and are less likely to be bullied," says Senning.

At each step of his growing life, your son should learn a little more about manners, such as saying, "please" and "thank you" from ages 1 to 3 and helping to clear the table by age 5.

"Three year olds can't look someone in the eye [see tip #4], but by 6 years old, they should be able to do that," says Senning, whose website, The Giftof Good, provides etiquette guidelines from birth until 18 years old.

He's probably a little nervous, especially if this is your first date together.

Try to make him comfortable by asking him questions and making him feel important.

You will want to consider your son's personality when setting your goals.

Tweak lessons based on whether he is shy, quiet, outgoing, talkative or inquisitive, according to Senning. "Be sensitive to your son's personality at every developmental stage." 2. Compassion is an essential trait for building self-respect and respect for others.

Then, he wouldn't share his Legos, making the young boy cry.

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Ever have a day when your son seems destined to grow up a boorish cad who chews with his mouth open and burps at the dinner table?Has your son bit the nanny, pushed a baby, barked out food orders, pitched a fit in public, or made friends cry? Most moms have endured these common, yet horribly cringing moments, despite knowing the importance of raising a respectful, responsible, kind and confident young man.That's how Stephanie Yoshimoto, a manners-conscious mom of three boys in San Mateo, Calif., felt when her 5-year-old son had a play date with a new friend."My son preferred to play alone, so when I suggested he involve his friend, he started talking back to me in front of our guests.

dating etiquette for young men-12

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"I was terribly embarrassed by my son's behavior, especially because he wouldn't even apologize. I apologized profusely to the boy and his mom, but we have not gotten together with them since." To help all parents of future young men, we talked with four experts about teaching your son manners, kindness, responsibility, and empathy -- all positive traits that lead to gentleman-like behavior and (bonus! Here are their tips and techniques for raising a gentleman: 1. "Know what to expect by age and personality," says etiquette expert Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D., the great granddaughter of renowned manners maven Emily Post and director of The Emily Post Institute.

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