Dating fender stratocaster pickups

31-Oct-2015 11:43

The original chrome vibrato tailpiece is present, with Fender stamped saddles and very little wear.

Two small mounting holes on the face of the headstock, and larger holes on the back of the headstock have also been cleanly doweled and finished.

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This Strat had previously been fitted with a locking vibrato unit, and subsequently restored to its more traditional appearance and functionality.

The graphite nut is a modern replacement, and the small maple "shelf" behind the nut has also been carved to perfectly fit in where the wider locking nut had one time been mounted.

Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Strat is strung with fresh 10-46 strings and low, slinky action.

If you've ever wanted to truly "shred" on a Strat, this is one of the best necks for it, with a medium C profile that borders on the more slender side of things, and a refret with jumbo width fretwire that's been dressed and crowned quite low and flat.

Refinished in a bold aquamarine (or arguably Maui blue), this Strat is outfitted with a trio of modern Fender Custom Shop pickups, along with a newer mint green pickguard and creme pickup covers and knobs to complete the look.

A joy to play and weighing in at only 8lbs 4oz, this Strat has a nice acoustic resonance, and delivers Fender's signature sparkle, twang, and chime with ease.