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11-Mar-2016 01:17

In that spirit, we offer these dating rules for beginners: OK let’s face it, even at a rock concert there are rules and accepted standards of behavior.

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You’ll have to decide for yourself what’s appropriate and what isn’t and unfortunately, we sometimes only learn where that line is after we’ve crossed it.If you do mess up though, pick yourself up, learn from your mistake(s) and move on.Here are a few general rules you should always follow: A date is all about getting to know a little bit about another person.You’re trying to find out if you have anything in common, if there is an attraction, and if you want to go out with that person again.

Here are some dating advice tips for keeping it real: Few of the dating rules presented here are absolute.

Each of them will of course depend on the person you’re with, the circumstance, the culture, and their tolerance level.