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29-Oct-2016 22:25

Women, on the other hand, can be quite ruthless to each other; or in this case, be totally unaware of East Asian vs Western cultural differences. It’s necessary for cross-cultural understanding, but each individual has different emotional thresholds, especially when Korean ahjummas speak the language a little too loud and forcibly.Old ladies have always been gangsters who simply don’t give a damn.#3 | For a lot of the Korean apartments, the shower is/was connected to the sink. #11 | Things are changing now with huge job fairs for foreigners living in Korea, but for the average Westerner, you’re either an English teacher (public or private) or a member of the military.I captured my experience through my You Tube videos, and Luke Martin, a brilliant comic illustrator active around the time I was there, captured those Korean moments through his popular comic series, ROKetship.Here are the top 15 funny things most foreigners have experienced in South Korea:#1 | As a heterosexual man, I’ve always been cognizant about making sure that I don’t police the woman’s body. #2 | Human touch is simply another form of language.And yes, I found many human similarities, but it was the cultural differences that stood out the most.The following quirky differences were among the most talked about between foreigners from many different countries, “waygookins” as Koreans call us.Let’s just say I’ve had several surprise pool parties from time to time.#4 | Whoever breaks the romanized Korean language code on a consistent basis deserves a date with Kim Hyo-Yeon (김효연). This pleasant surprise is usually found in older public buildings. #6 | I actually enjoyed butchering my students’ names. There are definitely exceptions (media related gigs, Samsung, business owner, etc).#12 | Itaewon is a popular district in Seoul for foreigners and foreign business, tourists, and U. It’s also known for some amazing international restaurants.Let’s set that up.#5 | For the average Westerner, practicing the art of squatting takes several shitty attempts. It created better rapport–one of those rare moments where I enjoyed being laughed at. I still remember the hilarious “Itaewon Freedom” song by J.

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In 2010, I left the United States for South Korea for a number of reasons– one being the need to escape the proverbial Western bubble and challenge my self-identity by physically engaging with a foreign culture.

It was an inner-quest for universal understanding; I wanted to explore human interconnectedness.

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