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30-Jun-2016 00:58

So for me it was a way for me to express my passion.

And I continue to use it today to dialogue with people about what’s happening on television and make jokes, kind of make light of things.

Lucy Award for her business section every day, I started reading sports publications.

If there’s something I don’t understand, then I take the time to understand it.

It’s a non-stop conversation that runs through games, sort of 24 hours a day.

Now that Mina Kimes is a staff writer for ESPN, she says her dad is the “proud owner of an ESPN sweatshirt.” And thank goodness, because he totally deserves it.

In May of this year, editors at ESPN noticed Prior to this pickup–proof that living on the Internet can pay off–Kimes always worked on staff and never as a freelancer.

MK: If anything, it’s been enhanced because it used to be on the weekends in the fall and winter I would feel guilty about watching football, and now I can kind of write it off and pretend like it’s a part of my job. I don’t have a beat, so I am still able to consume most sports purely as a spectator and a fan, rather than being like, ‘Oh, I have to write about this game and look out for x, y and z.’ I’m still able to take it in, because what I do for ESPN is I write a column that’s about a whole mish-mash of things. But I’m currently dating someone who’s really into baseball, and witnessing his fandom is really interesting to me. JD: Yeah, and in your Tumblr essay, you mention how your dad would be like, ‘Hey, do that Twitter thing you do to figure out these stats.’ Social media has allowed fans to become really big voices in sports. How would you say social media has changed sports commentary?And watching his relationship–which is sort of like a combination of the bonding element with other fans, nostalgia and loyalty–that’s what it takes to be a fan, that concoction. MK: For me personally, it’s how editors, including the editors at ESPN, knew I was crazy about sports.

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