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30-Oct-2015 04:37

The rest of the project will contain 2.096 Billion Blocks and will be spawned blocks.

A minority of it will be worldedited but over 600,000 buildings will be unique making worldedit for a large majority of the entire project impossible to use. This would be literally condemningpeople to work more than an entire lifetime to build it legit, call spawned items cheating on the project and this is why I will ban you, I don't have patience anymore for sh*tstirring.

Its been great to see the community still behind and supporting this great resource for education.

We are building a school to help teach people how to build for the project, once that is done we will start taking more volunteers more frequently.

The Forbidden City, Centerpieceof Project 1845, containing 4.2 Million blocks was built 100% legit and was the slowest time of construction.

There is more to the project than just building a Minecraft map.

We are also porting it into Minecraft EDU to teach people about history, language and geography.

You can see this content being added almost on a daily basis at our main website Worldsave Download!!

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Also the project is helping promote the original rare map and to help in its restoration process so more people can enjoy this unique piece of history which has been hidden from the public for centuries.

You cannot physically help the project directly at the moment unless you have proven your skills to Bohtauri.

with several million more blocks added, you can be sure to see a lot more content around the map. We have also changed its compression to to make it more OSX and Linux friendly, downside is that the file is twice the size but rest assured, if your computer can run minecraft, it can run this map! On the 17th July 2011 Bohtauri has started Project 1845 and the big plan that minecraft is only a small peice of that big puzzle.

A big shout out to the supporters of todays Livestream, first one in 6 months!!

I have never claimed the project is done 100% legit and here is why: If we did the ENTIRE project 1845 100% legit then we will need 15 users working on the project 40 hours a week EACH for 7 days a week for 95 years. All this construction has an acculumated time of over 400 hours of buildtime!

Our website also has a growing amount of content about our other projects.

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