Dating getting dumped

24-Aug-2015 02:04

In my peri-collegiate years, I had a habit of mixing tapes to cope with the aftermath of thwarted relationships.Read: What to Do When He Pulls Back Before you pull out the tissue box and think it’s over, take the time to talk to your partner about how important they are in your life.Acknowledge there’s been a shift in the relationship and ask them if there are any outside stressors that could be affecting the two of you.Ask how you can help bring back the romance in your life.If your partner just isn’t feeling it for you anymore, don’t fight it.What should you do if you can relate to most of these items on this list?Before you toss your relationship away, understand that feelings can fluctuate, but if the flow has been disrupted by most of these relationship issues on this list, you might be headed for splitsville.

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Take the time to listen to your partner’s concerns.

If you truly think this is a relationship worth fighting for, let your partner know that you don’t want to make an impulsive and abrupt decision that you might regret.

Thank them for the memories and start the healing process.

I know it hurts to have another failed relationship, but I also know that there is someone special out there waiting for you. Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker.

One of you might still be brewing about something that happened over a month ago and perhaps an apology needs to be made if your partner is feeling resentful about something or misunderstood.Acknowledge how affectionate you used to be and let your partner know that you miss those warm and fuzzy happy times and would love to get back on track.

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