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Michael Ludia, 19, of Upper Holloway, north London,was punished with four years imprisonment for conspiracy to supply firearms consecutive to a five years and a six months sentence for five robbery offences.DI Rob Murray, who ran the operation from day-to-day, said he didn't know if any musical careers had been launched using the recording booths in the shop, but added: 'I think a few potential careers have been put on hold for a while.'Cops found many of the criminals had links with three suburbs near the shop - Upper Edmonton, Edmonton Green and Lower Edmonton, and in the 12 months after mid-October 2009 the rates of highly violent crime in those areas fell by 6.9 per cent, 34.5 per cent and 45 per cent respectively.There was one for vocals where people could rap or sing, and another for music.

Codenamed Operation Peyzac, the £500,000 operation involved undercover officers kitting out as a fully-operating rap and hip hop music store, with a private back room which was used to carry out deals with drug and gun sellers, and the store was wired with CCTV and recording equipment.

The pictured criminals, aged between 16 and 41, were charged with various offences including drug dealing, trafficking guns and money laundering.