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28-Nov-2015 03:44

13 comments While many foreigners initially find dating in the Netherlands daunting or inaccessible, understanding Dutch mentality can help reduce miscommunicating the ‘flirting' signals as practised in the Netherlands.Of course, similar to elsewhere, online dating in the Netherlands is increasingly becoming the norm as taboos are shed, particularly among older daters.The Dutch tend to believe it is better to be honest than mislead someone.To the untrained dater it may appear rude or direct but it is a refreshing scene of playing with your cards on the table.Being successful in the Dutch dating scene can require a level of assertiveness: if you want something, just do it.

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Flirting and compliments The Dutch love efficiency and leading someone on can be a waste of everybody's time.Here are 10 things you should you know before entering the Dutch dating game.Straight up and open The Dutch are renowned for being straight-forward in conversation, and little social negativity is attached to asking personal questions or openly stating one's unsolicited opinion in the Netherlands.You can find that flirting and small-talk are sometimes dispensed in favour of simply stating one's desire or intentions.

There are less ‘rules’ about when to call back, kiss or spend the night, and actions are based more on instinct rather than an unwritten play book.Playing hard-to-get and silly games have little value in the Netherlands but confidence and being to-the-point rank high.