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21-Dec-2015 05:46

Dating can be a real adventure – a time to meet new people, explore unfamiliar places, and get to talk about you.

But if you’re feeling nervous or unsure of yourself, dating can be hell.

Simply download the Dating Success session, slip on your headphones and listen, to learn how to: We know that you’ll love our hypnosis downloads. If you’re unhappy for whatever reason, just let us know within 14 days and we’ll give you afull refund, no questions asked.

And in fact – you’re smiling because you know I’m right – you can look at someone and they can think you’re listening. Ross: But if you’re bored, you can be looking right at them, but you could be a million miles away, in your favourite ideal fantasy vacation spot.

Do you turn into an awkward, tongue-tied teenager on dates?

Need an effective technique to help you relax and make the most of their potential?

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As you listen, the powerful hypnosis and NLP exercises will reprogram your mind to relax and enjoy the dating process.

You worry too much, forget to relax, over-think things and get scared to open your mouth in case you say something stupid or silly.

But dating really can be successful and anxiety-free – with a little help from hypnosis.

You’ll discover how to hit the reset button and root out any negativity, pushing nerves aside and letting your inner confidence shine through.

You’ll recognize every date for what it is – an opportunity – and strive to make the most of it.

This is a transcript of what took place on a warm, calm afternoon at a Coffee Bean in Tea Leaf, California, where outside a sign even reads: ‘Good coffee. Indeed, Sigmund Freud noted that people in love, in deep love, have a similar relationship to people under hypnotic influence. I’m looking where I want her to look.” After the repetition of ‘yellow’, ‘soaked’ and ‘bigger’, Alexis does indeed seem dizzy and giddy. You look like you’ve had three or four drinks…actually, it looks like she’s had three or four orgasms,” he says, with a thin smile creeping across his face. Not only that, he’s idealising the playboy image and demonstrating to men, perhaps lacking in confidence, that there are ways for them to control the opposite sex. Seduction doesn’t have to coincide with manipulation, which is where I believe Jeffries truly loses his ethical battle.

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