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13-Aug-2016 03:26

You’ll either come across like you are bragging or as someone totally materialistic.Don’t start talking about how much you earn and never ask how much your date earns.Discussing how much you spent on your handbag or the dress you’re wearing is a no-no as well.You might not have much in the way of confidence but going on about how you’re ‘such a loser’ isn’t going to win you any sympathy – or a second date.While it is good to know where a prospective partner stands on important subjects, best to leave these until the third or fourth date at least.A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of time so don’t blow your chances before you’ve even started.Avoid these conversation-killer topics and bag yourself that second date with ease.

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Your interest may be perfectly healthy and intellectual but they don’t you well enough yet to make that distinction.Whether you’re moaning about your boss, your job, your roommate or your family – just don’t! Likewise, don’t complain about the choice of meeting place if it was your date’s idea.

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