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and not over 40 people at the same time...although... Give it a shot though - you have nothing to lose - but without trying to be too much of a cynic, don't believe everything you read I just asked HSH about people she knows that dated and hooked up for at least one year. the latter being the unsuccessful and eventually going their own way. I have heard people having great experiences, and marrying their life long partners from it, but the men I met (apart from one) and the men I was in contact with, were pretty much all the same. Am considering online dating but going by a thread in another forum (youngsters! It was my first experience of dating in years and I was very disillusioned after it I have to admit. whilst i wouldnt do it again i was glad i had the experience (hope that makes sense) I did internet dating for about a year, and similar to another poster, my pals keep telling me to write a book about it! I am not dating myself just now, but I see no reason for you not giving it a go.Personally, I know of two couples that met on the net and they both seem to be doing OK. You'd take the normal precautions as you would in doing anything.Don't get offended if someone tries to get you in the sack on the first date ........... I asks one of them about it and he said if I get in touch with enough women one of them is bound to say yes!

The called to our place in Dublin for a couple of nights on their way home. Exceptional of course but it goes to show you how two people who like each other's company hook up. Going to see the stage version of The Wizard of Oz tonight, then a bite and a few gargles. BUT, you could find happiness too as Maria Del Rosario Cayetana Fitz James-Stuart did! JC did it for two years (internet dating)my friends have implored me to write a book on my experiences!

A few years ago, two people I know from LA - both partners dead - got married and honeymooned in Europe. Am considering online dating but going by a thread in another forum (youngsters! Just be careful on giving out too much info, and if you meet up. Other than that I wish you all the luck in the world mate. However, just a warning, remember what happened to Paul Mc Cartney!

Lots and lots of single, seperated, widowed and divorced out there ......... Before leaving Ireland I knew quite a few people of that age that were seeing someone and over here it's all the rage. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain.

, That appeared to be about not accepting ageing along with being down right delusional about them selves.

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One of them was from Ireland, met his soul mate on here about 7 years ago and now lives in NY. The other pair are doing IVF due to some minor problem so are obviously committed. But most men are not perfect (excluding moi ) so ideals may have to be watered down a little. I meet my second husband on a dating site when i was 45, I was in my 40s when I tried Internet dating... but why not try it and see how you get on, as someone said to me nobody is going to knock on your door and say I'm here to take you out.

I don't really see how it can be any more fraught than meeting someone in a pub/festival/dance/holiday. The world is full of people who have different needs/priorities. Among the things that amused me were the men who were only looking for commitment free sex.